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El Catalan Solidarity Ireland Committee va ser creat per donar suport i solidaritat als presos i preses polítiques catalanes així cm informar de la lluita per l’autodeterminació i el socialisme a Catalunya, tal i com expliquen a la seva web.

Periòdicament, editen un butlletí, en anglès, amb informacions i notícies de la realitat i les lluites dels Països Catalans, que es distribueix via email.

Des de Rescat trobem molt interessant aquesta iniciativa i anirem penjant els butlletins al blog a mesura que ens vagin arribant. Us animem a reenviar-los a qui creieu que puguin interessar, aprofitant aquesta feina que realitzen els companys i companyes des d’Irlanda.

Per qualsevol qüestió, us podeu posar en contacte amb elles a catalansolidarity(arroba)

E-news service of the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee

August/October 2007 E-news service No.8

1. Introduction

2. They Won’t Clip Our Wings!

3. Catalan Solidarity: Solidarity Murals In Ireland

4. Catalan National Day Report

5. Emotional farewell to Comrade Xirinacs

6. Congratulations to Laura & Diego from Ireland

7. Tornarem A Lluitar!

8. Prisoner Solidarity Update: Catalan Political Prisoners

9. Who We Are!

10. Subscription Details


This is the e-news service of the year of Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee titled Llibertat! – Saoirse!

This e-news service is distributed throughout Ireland to both political and community activists and others interested parties such as prisoner and anti-repressive organisations across Scotland, England and Wales who have subscribed as a gesture of solidarity with issues surrounding Catalonia and its struggle for self-determination.

As a contact or subscriber, you can assist the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee by distributing the news and information published within Llibertat! – Saoirse! Inform friends/supporters of our regular mail-out and how to subscribe.

Thanks to all those who have assisted the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee throughout the year by forwarding comments of support and solidarity.

2. They Won’t Clip Our Wings!

Last June 17th different Catalan anti-repressive collectives called for a demonstration under the slogan ‘Repression won’t cut our wings off’. This demonstration, as well as the speeches and exhibitions planned for the day, had the aim to defend the freedom to march as a basic element of protest against all kind of power abuses. To be present in the streets, is a basic need for all the social and political movements which must be defended actively.

During the speeches and the setting up of the street exhibitions, there was a heavy police presence which was aim at intimidating all those people taking part: identifications, searches, arrests, etc. When the demonstration started police surrounded the crowd preventing people from walking. This situation lasted for three hours.

These police actions, as an exhibit of the usual routines which breach freedom to protest, and deserves a sturdy answer. In front of these events, the organizing collectives of the demonstration, wanted to carry on denouncing this situation by processing a formal complaint and called for a demonstration in Barcelona on September 29th.

This time the march was able to take but under a heavy police presence and harassment as there were several wounded reported as the marchers arrived at the final point from three different routes. A youth was also arrested while making his way home after the protest and was released the day after with charges of attempting to assault the authorities. Further solidarity actions are planned in solidarity with him.

“Wherever there’s struggle there exists repression,
wherever there’s repression there exists solidarity”

Video clip on the demonstrations:

Other images of the demonstration:

3. Catalan Solidarity: Solidarity Murals In Ireland

West Belfast Catalan Mural:

During the summer, Catalan activists in Belfast organised a new mural in the Beechmount area, just off the Falls Road. The work was carried out as part of the West Belfast Feile during a day to highlight ‘international struggles’.
To view this mural:

Derry’s Bogside Catalan Solidarity Mural:

Members of the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee erected a mural in Derry’s Bogside following a week of events designed to create greater awareness of the continuing fight for self-determination and independence by the people of Catalonia from 300 years of Spanish and French occupation.

During 2007, the Catalan independence movement is commemorating the occupation of the Catalan Countries with a campaign titled: 300 Years of Occupation & Resistance.

The week long series of events in Derry ranged from musical, cultural and political discussions on continuing ‘land speculation’ as well as an historical overview of Catalan Resistance both on the streets and in the prisons. Catalan representatives also met with former Republican and Republican Socialist Political Prisoners to exchange experiences as a gesture of continuing solidarity with the Catalan struggle. The series of events accumulated in Derry’s Bogside with the unveiling of a mural depicting unity and solidarity in struggle between both Ireland and Catalonia.

To view this mural:

4. Catalan National Day Report

Demonstrations took place across Catalonia marking “La Diada Nacional” or the Catalan National Day of which the largest concentration took place on the streets of the capital city, Barcelona.

The day began in the early morning of La Diada, as hundreds at Carrer Ferran, during a ceremony to remember Gustau Muñoz in the same spot were he was murdered by the Spanish police during La Diada demonstrations back in 1977. After that, thousands gathered in ‘El Fossar de les Moreres’ to honour Lluís Maria Xirinacs following his untimely death back in August of this year. At which his former comrades paid an emotional tribute.

Shortly afterwards, the members of the nationalist reformist ERC youth wing (JERC) attempted to enter the square of Fossar de les Moreres but were prevented from doing so amidst catcalls such as “sellouts!”, as emotions ran high. Many members of the independentist Left physically prevented entry of JERC by blocking their entrance as tension was high when a member of CAJEI was beaten by them as scuffles broke out.

At midday, several formal speeches remembering the Terra Lliure comrades fallen and calling for the unity of the socialist independentist movement were made. In a show of solidarity, representatives of Batasuna added their support for solidarity and self-determination. During one speech representatives called for the solidarity between the Basque and Catalan peoples to end both Spanish and French repression.

The main prisoner solidarity demonstration took off around 1pm as over one thousand protestors called for the freedom of the Catalan Political Prisoners as the ‘Catalan police’ (Mossos d’esquadra) followed the march as it wound its way through the street with heavily a armed riot squad placed in various “hot spots” such as the Catalan Government or the Spanish Government building in central Barcelona. During the march some large banners were displayed. The former Catalan Political Prisoner Juanra took part in the demonstration.

The evenings demonstration was one of the largest of the day with as the march began at 6pm. Members of the main Independentist Left from organisations such as Endavant, Cup, Maulets, Cajei and also from the black block supporters. An estimated 10,000 participants marched through the streets, displaying banners and flags calling for the independence and socialism. People from several other countries attended such as Castilla, Andalusia, Scotland, Wales, Occitania and Galicia with their flags expressing their solidarity with the Catalan struggle.

At the end of the march, as commemorative speeches were made which called for the independence and socialism. A member of CUP stated that we must not show trust in the nationalist politicians, by they from the ERC or CIU, and their lies. As the ceremony drew to a close with the Internationale, the “Muixeranga” and “El Cant dels Segadors” (the Catalan national anthem) were played as several masked people came to the stage and symbolically burned a Spanish flag.

For more reports, images etc:

September 11th Catalan Dublin Rally:

Catalan’s living in and around the Irish capital, Dublin, came out on to the streets on September 11th to mark Catalonia’s National Day.

For images of this action:

5. Emotional farewell to Comrade Xirinacs

Amongst shouts of independence and singing the national anthem, around 3.000 people gathered in Barcelona at the funeral of Catalan comrade Lluís Maria Xirinacs.

Political activists of the Independentists Left where also present representing organisations such as: Alerta Solidària, CUP, Endavant, MDT, Maulets, CAJEI and diferent Casals Independentistes.

Earlier on in the day a commemoration was held with none of the Catalan institutional politicians dared to enter as Xirinacs classified them as traitors.
Our best homage, will be Victory!

A background on Lluís Maria Xirinacs i Damians (1932 – 11 August 2007)

A Catalan politician, writer, religious and advocator for the independence of the Catalan Countries.

He was born in Barcelona in 1932 In the 1960s and 1970s, he made several hunger strikes, a first long one against the entailment of Church and State during Francoism. The Spanish regime imprisoned him twice (1972 and 1974-1975). He declared himself as follower of Gandhi theses and practiced the fight from within the non-violence. As example, he spent twelve hours a day for a year and nine months standing in front a prison of Barcelona until the approval of an amnesty law for political prisoners. For all these actions, he was proposed 3 years (1975, 1976, 1977) as a candidate for the Peace Nobel Prize.

In 1977, in the first Spanish elections after Franco dictatorship, he became senator for Barcelona as a independent candidate. In 1979, he led a candidature for the Spanish Congress of Deputies in a coalition known as Left Block of National Freedom (Bloc d’Esquerra d’Alliberament Nacional or BEAN). That reivindicated the spirit of the former Assembly of Catalonia, of which he also was one of its main promoters.

Later on, BEAN also presented in 1980 Catalan Parliament elections; but, in both cases, it did not obtain any representation.

By 1980, he left active party politics. In 1984, he founded along with Agustí Chalaux the Centre d’Estudis Joan Bardina, where he wanted to deepen in a new economical, political and social model. In 1990, he abandoned his priesthood vows.

In 2000, he started to protest again, sitting in Sant Jaume square daily for the independence of the Catalan Countries. When he was 65, he became PhD in Philosophy.

On September 11, 2002, within the National Day of Catalonia reivindicative speeches in Fossar de les Moreres, he declared:

“Gandhi said that the nonviolent one cannot deal with neutrality the parts of a violent conflict: the aggressor is the enemy, the attacked one is the friend, although he may be violent. I have tried all my life the fight by non-violent means. Nevertheless, I declare here and, I say it aloud, in the case there could be any police or public prosecutor: I declare myself enemy of the Spanish State and friend of ETA and Batasuna.”

After this, he was condemned two years of prison and four of incapacitation by the Spanish Audiencia Nacional, accused of ennobling terrorism.

On December 17, 2002, he stated in his defense in the jury:

“I don’t think that working as historian is any crime (despite it can be disagreed): -describing a war for national freedom that lasts for 40 years, -and comparing it with other wars.”
“Spanish tanks are the ones that occupy the Basque Country. No Basque weapon wants to conquer Spain”.

Despite the condemning sentence, and an existing search and capture warrant, he was not arrested.

When he was 74, on October 25, 2005, he was arrested by Spanish Police when he visited Ciutat Vella commissary in order to renew his identity document.
Two days later, he was sent to prison, but in the very afternoon, the Attorney General decided to free him invoking humanitarian reasons because of his age.

In 2004, Catalan Summer University awarded him the Canigó prize. During that time, he continued his political commitment within Fundació Randa.

On August 11, 2007, he was found dead in the woods of Ogassa, Ripollès having apparently committed suicide. He left a note in his workplace explaining his decision, where he criticized the cowardice of Catalan politicians and noticed that Catalonia is occupied by France and Spain.

For images:

Congratulations to Laura & Diego from Ireland

"Our revenge will be the laughter of our children" Bobby Sands.

Members of the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee held a symbolic vigil at Free Derry Corner to extend our solidarity with Catalan Political Prisoners Laura & Diego on the birth of their son, Dídac. 

At the same time we would like to echo the demands of the EPPK relatives of the right to maternity and paternity, eliminate the obstacles of communications with the father, to guarantee the quality of life and the dignity of the children within prisons as well as the rest of rights which are demanded by the prisoners collective (the right to health, the right to good treatment, the right to communication, language rights, the right to education, the right to organisation and the right to freedom).

Also, protests outside the hospital in Terrassa were Laura gave birth to little Dídac:
 Free Derry Vigil:

Tornarem A Lluitar! 

In 2007, a hisorical book was published on the Catalan Independentist Left by Roger Ferriols titled 'Tornarem A Lluitar!'. The publication has been used as a fundraiser for the Catalan Political Prisoners support collective, RESCAT (or RESCUE). The book itself is an excellent historical archive which examines the struggle throughout the Catalan Countries for independence and socialism from the period leading up to the transation until the present day. As part of the work of Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee sections of this book were translated into english to assist greater knowledge of the Catalan Struggle.

To view more, click on:

8. Prisoner Solidarity Update: Catalan Political Prisoners

The Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee will like to request that all the supporters and contacts of '
Llibertat! - Saoirse!' to take a moment to drop a few lines of support and solidarity to the following Catalan Political Prisoners on a post card or in a letter.  
For all political prisoners incarcerated by the state this is just a small yet important gesture of international solidarity as it shows that they are not forgotten by those of us on the outside.
  An updated list now follows: 

 Carrer Doctor Trueta, 76-98

08005 Barcelona, Catalonia.

Marina Bernadó Bonada: (353 922 Y), MAISON D'ARRÊT DE FLEURY MEROGIS ( femmes ), 9 Allée des Thuyas, 91700 Sainte Genevieve des Bois Cedex, PARIS, FRANCE.
Zigor Larredonda Muñoz:
CENTRO PENITENCIARIO DE ALBACETE, Ctra. de Ayora, km. 72, 02006 Albacete, Spanish State.
Dolores Lopez Resina: 
CENTRO PENITENCIARIO DE ÁVILA, Ctra. de Vicolozano, 05194 Brieva, Ávila, Spanish State.
Diego Sànchez Burria: CP Can Brians, Carretera de Martorell a Capellades, km 23, 08635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Catalonia.
Isabel Llaquet Baldellou:
PRISIÓN DE Valencia II, A.C 1002, 46225 Picassent, Valencia, Catalonia.
.            WHO WE ARE: Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee

Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee was established to provide practical support and solidarity to Catalan political prisoners, their supporters as well as information on the continuing struggle for self determination and socialism in Catalonia to challenge the media portrayal on political militants that are being fuelled by a regime, its media, its paramilitary forces, and mounting repressive laws and legislations.

In order to assist these goals we have established an online news and information service to comment on the current political situation within Catalonia, from within the prisons and on the streets.

As part of our work we aim to provide information events, pickets and solidarity protests etc to highlight various campaigns and activities and to raise awareness of the political situation in Catalonia.

We urge both Catalans living in Ireland and other non-Catalans across Ireland to write to Catalan Political Prisoners, offering them both continued solidarity and support.

We intend to issue regular news, comments & activities via email by Llibertat! – Saoirse!

At present our website is under construction however, we hope that our work will inspire you to find out more!

To view our website:


Llibertat! – Saoirse!

E-news service of the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee

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